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Treatment of chronic chlamydia

Chronic chlamydia is a very common disease, and the treatment it is a serious difficulty. This is due to the frequent relapses of the disease after one course of antimicrobial therapy.

To understand whether it is possible to cure this disease, it is necessary to identify the nature of the disease.

What is an infection?

Chlamydia occurs due to infection with chlamydia, which exist in two types.

The first of them provoke ornidazol infection in humans, birds and animals. And the second (most dangerous) species (chlamydia trachomatis) has 15 species, two of which can affect the urinary system and cause a person urogenital chlamydia.

His class is chlamydia occupy an intermediate stage between bacteria and viruses. This is the reason that the diagnosis and treatment of chronic chlamydia very difficult in comparison with standard bacterial infections.

Зуд в паху - симптом хламидиоза

Initially, you should take antibiotics, immune drugs, vitamins, antioxidants. A week later you need to connect tools antimycotic (antifungal) and systemic enzyme preparations.

The recovery phase

  • liver protecting drugs;
  • according to indications of possible physical therapy in the form of ultrasonic and laseromagnetic effects;
  • the use of local procedures (mikroklizm, baths with a solution of chlorhexidine or of perftoran).

Methods of recovery a slow process:

  • immunotherapy;
  • 14 days required systemic therapy;
  • topical treatment;
  • after a week of antibiotics and antifungal medications;
  • simultaneously with antibiotics it is recommended that the use of multivitamin complexes and antioxidants;
  • then in the scheme of introducing hepatoprotectors, physical therapy, drugs with hyaluronidase.

If chlamydia latent leakage, for a high percentage of cure requires the use of medicines, which can easily penetrate inside the cell and have a high degree of activity. The course duration should be at least 2-4 weeks. This is because the parasite develops in the body 2-3 days to complete destruction therapy should overlap 6-8 cycles of development of chlamydia.

Chronic chlamydia - this is a fairly insidious disease, and it is easier to try to avoid infection than to treat it afterwards. But to despair of man, if he's still harboring bacteria, not worth it. With adequate and proper approach of the doctor who takes into account all peculiarities of the disease, the possibility of complete deliverance from disease.