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What is chronic prostatitis, what are its causes, symptoms and treatment?

Chronic prostatitis is an exclusively male disease in the form of a sluggish process. Despite this apparent ease of development, the disease is fraught with many problems. Complication it can become a pathology of the genitourinary system, kidneys and other organs, and the loss of male potency and the development of male infertility can end the progression of the disease.

Chronic prostatitis in men is very widespread throughout the world and the most actively affects older people, but men in the Prime of sexual activity is not safe from his deceit. With this in mind, treatment of chronic prostatitis is considered an important problem in urology, and is a problem recognized not only medical but also social. The treatment of the disease is long and difficult enough, but to treat it is necessary and possible.

The essence of pathology

In essence, chronic prostatitis is that a long-developing disease of the prostate, in which the inflammatory process gradually leads to morphological and functional disorders in the prostate in men. Pathology is expressed by a characteristic triad of symptoms: pain in the region of the penis and pelvis, abnormal urination and sexual function disorder.

The concept of chronic prostatitis combines different in etiology and pathogenesis of the disease, United by a common principle of influence - the defeat of the prostate gland. Pathology is subdivided into 3 main categories: chronic bacterial prostatitis etiology, its variation due to non-bacterial causes, and also separately allocated asymptomatic chronic prostatitis.

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Clarification of provisional diagnosis made by methods ultrasound of the prostate. A change in the process of urination is defined at carrying out of uroflowmetry - a symptom of the disease is the decrease in the rate of urine output below 10 ml/s. Through laboratory studies, the analysis of the composition of urine and gland secretion. Taken and a General analysis of blood. If necessary, cystoscopy is carried out for visual evaluation of the bladder.


Treatment of chronic prostatitis is difficult and rather long event, but if timely treatment to the doctor, the disease is treated until full recovery. The question of how to treat the pathology can be solved only by a doctor. Self-treatment of chronic prostatitis can backfire.

Basic therapy is based on antibacterial drugs, and in the treatment process, the following tasks are solved: to eliminate the painful symptoms, the extension of the periodremission, recurrent exacerbation, normalization of secretory activity of prostate and other functions. Chronic prostatitis treatment is possible only under condition of elimination of precipitating factors, primarily unhealthy habits, physical inactivity lifestyle, improper nutritious diet. During the recovery phase to treat effectively helps phytotherapy. Beautiful effects of propolis, pumpkin seeds, honey, herbs.

Drug therapy of the disease is based on a holistic impact. Basic treatment involves the ingestion of antibacterial drugs of different kinds: torginol, macrolides and tetracyclines. The hormonal effect is to restore the balance of androgens and estrogens. Prescription of drugs with antiandrogenic activity, reduce the inflammatory response in the prostate. Effective treatment is considered therapeutic massage, including self massage of the prostate through the anus. Stagnant processes are well addressed with physical therapy methods.

In very severe cases surgical treatment, but such an impact is assigned very rarely.

A surgical operation is performed under the following conditions: total suspension of cellulose in a narrowing of the urinary canal; suppurative process in the mucosa of the prostate; sclerosis of the tissues of the gland; the ineffectiveness of drug therapy.

Chronic prostatitis is a very unpleasant and dangerous disease, fraught with the violation of the genitourinary system and a number of other dangerous complications. Only the timely and effective treatment will help defeat the disease.