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Is it possible without medical help to get pregnant when Ureaplasma?

Is it possible to get pregnant during the Ureaplasma? This question worries many, as the disease faced by women is widespread. The disease is named after the Ureaplasma bacteria which carries the virus. If a woman's body will become the breeding ground for the virus, anaplasmosis inevitable. Ureaplasma during pregnancy is a negative factor that deserves the attention of the mother. The survey will not take much time but will save from numerous difficulties and problems.

What are Ureaplasma and what pathology does it cause?

Ureaplasma - tiny organisms that can cause a lot of harm, for example, lead to infertility. A huge number of couples cannot have children for this reason.

Today bacteria-Ureaplasma that live in the urogenital system can be divided into 2 subspecies: parvum and class, and the Soviet medical system they did not share, which led to difficulties in the treatment of patients.

These microorganisms can be detected in the body perfectly healthy women, because not in every case, there is the development of a ureaplasmosis. This typically occurs when: reduced immunity, malnutrition, debilitating diets, bad habits, vaginitis, trichomoniasis and gonorrhea.


A man can be a carrier of the virus, but it does not affect his health, does not cause disease. If he leads a healthy lifestyle, opportunistic environment disappears, the body samoistselyatsya. It is believed that male infertility ureaplasmosis threatens much smaller than the female.

Ureaplasma is a microorganisms that are transmitted through sexual (genital, oral-genital, anal) by. Cases of transmission from mother to child (in utero infection). The more sexual partners, the greater the chance of Contracting the virus. Clinical studies have shown that the contact-household transmission is unlikely, as within 48 hours outside the human body survives 5-10% of the bacteria.

Вагинальные свечи для лечения уреаплазмоза

To avoid this, infected pregnant women are prescribed antibiotic treatment, but only after 22 weeks of pregnancy when the drug less detrimental effect on the fetus. In this case, the antibiotics are added adjuvants, diet therapy and vitamin therapy.

Back to the question of female infertility. To date, this issue is incredibly actual, especially in connection with how blithely expectant parents about their health. Really, the worst, threaten Ureaplasma, infertility. Something that could have been avoided, prevented and curedturns into a real disaster.

The main reason for infertility the pathological inflammatory processes of the fallopian tubes. Most of these processes are the result of chronic of stay of the virus in the body. Delaying visits to the doctor, unhealthy lifestyle, stress will provide a lot of problems and complications. Infertility, ectopic pregnancy, spontaneous abortion is something that can be avoided if you carefully follow what is happening with their health and the health of her sexual partner.

The less sexual partners, the lower the risk for future mother and fetus. Infertility can resist through regular pelvic exams and prevention of sexually transmitted infections. Do not despair, if in a woman's body, planning to become a mother, virus found Ureaplasma. As a rule, pregnancy after treatment Ureaplasma flows easily and without complications.