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What medicines are usually prescribed for the treatment of Ureaplasma in men?

If there are such features as a cutting pain and a burning sensation when urinating, discharge, require the treatment of Ureaplasma in men: the drug the doctor will prescribe only after confirmation by analysis of this opportunistic urogenital diseases. Although often Ureaplasma in men self-limiting. But if bacteriological sowing detected Ureaplasma more than 104 CFU per 1 ml, then assigned tablet to fix it.

The main directions and methods of therapy

What is the treatment of male Ureaplasma? Almost the same scheme of treatment of Ureaplasma in men and women. After identifying the degree of sensitivity of the pathogen to the antibiotic drugs in bacteriological sowing doctor prescribes an individual course of treatment. The therapeutic effect of this will be sent for the destruction of antibiotic intracellular organisms (which is a Ureaplasma - pathogen ureaplasmosis). For a start, the doctor will prescribe an antibiotic of the tetracycline group. While maintaining the resistance of Ureaplasma to this category of medication the doctor can replace them with drugs from the group of macrolides or fluoroquinolones.

When ureaplasmosis add enzyme drugs, immunomodulators, physiotherapy to increase the effect of antibiotic therapy.

Enzyme tablets taken simultaneously with antibiotics, contribute to a better and rapid resorption of infiltrates.

Adjuvants with physiotherapy shows to taking antibiotics in order to reduce tissue swelling, improve local immune protection and the effectiveness of treatment of this pathology.

Клацид при уреаплазмозе

After treatment the doctor will propose a follow-up analysis on Ureaplasma, which is required to pass.

Monitoring the effectiveness of treatment is carried out a month after its completion, by performing analysis by the method of polymerase chain reaction or culture of sowing.

If the results of the control analysis fails to determine the presence in the body of the causative agent of anaplasmosis, the disease of the urogenital area is considered to be treated.

However, during the initial detection in the male body Ureaplasma of the disease there is good reason to believe that a sexual partner the genital disease is present too. Going through the medical treatment from both partners is a reliable guarantee that in the future there would be cases of re-infection with a ureaplasmosis and its further proliferation.

How to protect against urogenital infections?

The best prevention is to limit casual sex withunfamiliar partners. If they still have a place to be, then at hand should always have condoms. In the case of urgent need to have time to use them. One tested sexual partner gives a strong guarantee healthy life.

In unplanned situations and for urgent response against the development of disease, sexually obtained, allowed processing of the urethra with antiseptic. Why in the urethra administered drug Miramistin or Chlorhexidine.

The effects of these medicines can only be achieved in the first few hours from the moment casual sex. But not too abuse these drugs. Too often the introduction of antiseptics into the urethra may cause burning in the mucosa of channel mochevyvodjashie or allergic urethritis.

Improving the immunity of the body is the best preventive measure, which does not allow to develop diseases that infect when it is unplanned and random sexual relations with strangers or unprotected sex.