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Why the need for analysis on Ureaplasma in women?

In all inflammatory processes in the female genital organs is assigned to the analysis on Ureaplasma in women. The ureaplasmosis called inflammatory pathology in the urogenital system. The causative agent of this disease is the gram-negative bacilli Ureaplasma. The presence of Ureaplasma in the body is not considered a reason for treatment or final diagnosis. This pathogen can be found in a perfectly healthy body. According to statistics, the disease occurs in women more often than men. Moreover, women are often carriers of this bacterium. Over half of the women Ureaplasma is part of the natural vaginal environment and does not manifest itself until, until favorable conditions occur for development and reproduction. If a woman suffers from chronic diseases of pelvic organs if it is a child or cannot get pregnant, it is assigned a comprehensive survey on the hidden sexual infections, including the analysis on a Ureaplasma.

The tests for anaplasmosis in women and its rate

First we need to take a swab, after which it is examined under a microscope. Just take a swab from the vaginal wall or cervical canal women. But in the capture of a smear can not detect the ureaplasmosis, revealed only inflammation in the reproductive system of women. If the technician or doctor has revealed in a smear of pathogenic microorganism, that set the course of the further examination.

  1. Cultural method sowing. With the help of this examination determines the presence and the exact number in a woman's body Ureaplasma. Still it is possible to determine the susceptibility of organism to antibiotics. The result of the analysis will be ready in three days. A normal term is 10*4 CFU per 1 ml of the material. If the measured exceeds the standard, it signals the presence of infection. Material for research is taken from the cervical canal, and then watch it within three days. The disease diagnosis is carried out after the reproduction, in an environment of microorganisms.
  2. Laboratory diagnosis PCR. The method allows to determine 100% the presence of infection and its specific identity. The peculiarity of the method lies in the accurate determination of the presence of Ureaplasma in the initial stages of the disease. Study take material from the cervix or the cervical canal. Important! Before scraping can not urinate for three hours. It is necessary that the urine was not flushed of infectious agents from the genital organs. Allows you to determine whether ureaplasmosis women even in the incubation period.
  3. REEF (ELISA immunoassay). Will allow accurately determine the presence of antibodies to the pathogen. The method shows the estimated time of infection, in the futurethe results of this analysis prescribe more precise treatment.

Слабый иммунитет - причина уреаплазмоза

Assign the correct and effective treatment can only be gynecologist, venereologist or the urologist. Assign yourself the treatment you should not. Duration of therapy is about three weeks. As candles for treatment of the infection are often appointed genferon ® or hexicon. They have immunomodulating, antibacterial, antiviral effect, and help to eliminate inflammation and eliminate symptoms. In addition, hexicon allowed during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Screening for the presence of infection should go and partner with women, even if it has no obvious symptoms. Treatment and you need to have a both sexual partners, otherwise the disease will go from one to the other and only one treatment will not be effective.

Treated a ureaplasmosis and during pregnancy.

It is necessary to hold therapy until delivery to avoid infecting the child.

Important is mandatory treatment after discovered the disease, because over time, untreated infection can progress and cause both male and female infertility.

We can summarize that only a careful attitude to own health, regular checkups at the doctor and appeal to him the slightest doubt, even without obvious symptoms can prevent development in your body of this insidious and hidden infections, such as anaplasmosis.

In the case if the disease is detected, it is important to consult a doctor and strictly follow all his instructions.