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Is it possible to treat trichomoniasis in the home folk remedies

Treatment of Trichomonas infection at home is possible, but this option does not provide for uncontrolled therapy and use exclusively national resources. In General, any treatment you can call home. After all, when there is no need to stay in hospital, any physician recommended drugs are taken independently, but under the mandatory supervision of a specialist.

The validity of the treatment with traditional methods

Since the structure of the Trichomonas allows other microorganisms (chlamydia, gonorrhea) to parasitize in it, it is chronic urogenital trichomoniasis is often a mixed protozoan-bacterial process. In this case, the treatment at home will be ineffective and fraught with complications.

With the defeat occurring as a monoinfection, folk remedy for trichomoniasis is acceptable.

If there is evidence of Trichomonas, it is usually talking about the ingestion of preformed substances and local procedures. Treatment of trichomoniasis without combining with medications, preferably in allergic manifestations in the past. Then this is the best option to solve the problem.

Is strictly prohibited treatment at home for pregnant women. The use of traditional methods only after consultation with the obstetrician-gynecologist.

Trichomoniasis mandatory treated both sexual partners. It is not necessary to take into account the absence of complaints. In most males, the disease is asymptomatic. They can be during the life of the only carriers. At relapse of the infection cannot be simply to repeat the course, as it can only erase the symptoms.

Trichomoniasis is treated whether at home or in the hospital, only natural remedies or not, the essence – the sequence completeness of the process and control of a qualified professional.

New – is well forgotten old. Therefore, a simple grandma's recipes, sometimes much more effective than advanced chemistry.

Funds for local use

Douche with the purpose of getting rid of trichomoniasis is available in the following infusions:

  • medicinal chamomile, oak bark, calendula flowers, nettle leaf 50 g pour 5 cups of water, kept under a lid for 1.5 hours. Use warm;
  • the immortelle flowers, and acacia (50 grams) is boiled for 3 minutes in 5 cups of water to withstand 2 hours;
  • the leaves of celandine 20 g, 50 g of flowers of bird cherry and lilac (per liter of water) simmer for 20 minutes on low fire, to insist hour.

Effective tampons impregnated with the following compositions:
  1. teaspoon onion juice, 20 ml of water, 10 ml of glycerol mix, shake well in a covered container; use freshly prepared;
  2. 5 ml of juicegarlic a quarter Cup of infusion of chamomile; prepare before use;
  3. a mixture of 1 part liquid honey and 2 parts of aloe juice; store in dark up to 3 days.

Before using onion and garlic (have an irritating effect) is applied on the inner surface of the forearm undiluted juice and to see the reaction of the skin immediately, and within 10 minutes.

All of these recipes are possible to use, if there are manifestations of Allergy to components.

Restorative therapy

For intake recommend:

  • of the 100 g pulp of ginger root (to grind the grater use of plastics) to prepare a vodka tincture (400 ml of vodka), can withstand 10 days, take after dilution with water, one one teaspoon 2 times daily before meals;
  • boil water (250 ml), pour the mixture of chamomile flowers and calendula (20 g), leave for 40 minutes under the lid, drink half a Cup 3 times a day before meals, to cook on a daily basis;
  • eucalyptus leaves, flowers of yarrow, tansy - 2 dessert spoons vegetable mixture to half a liter of boiling water, to insist 2 hours, to ingest 30 ml before meals 3 times a day for 2.5 weeks.

During treatment, by any means necessary pelvic rest. Recovery is etiologic (laboratory-confirmed) and clinical (absence of complaints).