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What medications (drugs, pills) is prescribed trichomoniasis women and men

Therapy of hepatitis C – the basic problem of modern gynecology, and urology, as this disease is considered one of the factors of infertility in women and men. To her treatment gave a result as quickly as possible and without side effects, you need to follow some rules:

  • simultaneous treatment of both sexual partners;
  • exception of sexual activity during therapy;
  • the earliest possible start of treatment;
  • the need for therapy in both acute and chronic phase.

Only after at least 3 months the tests are negative for both partners, engage in unprotected sex. At the time of therapy intimate life is better to exclude.

Tablets for total treatment

The use of only local means of treatment gives only a temporary effect. For complete cure you need to know what to drink pills or use injections. The main group of drugs from trichomoniasis include metronidazole and its derivatives: Ornidazole, tinidazole, seknidazol etc.

All these pills besides Ornidazole is not compatible with alcohol, as they violate its disposal by the liver. Because of this, during the treatment required to completely eliminate it.

When you receive protivotrihomonadnyh drugs, it is extremely important to clearly observe the diagram and hours. To do this the patient requires a certain discipline and commitment to therapy.

Additional drugs

лекарства от трихомониазаIn order in parallel with the main treatment to stimulate the immune system, the doctor prescribes drugs interferon injection. Also used injection pyrogenal. This drug causes a sharp increase in body temperature, due to which chronic trichomoniasis escalates. And in the acute phase of Trichomonas is much more sensitive to take drugs.

To this treatment did not cause a General weakening of the body, the doctor prescribes multivitamin complexes.

Local cure of trichomoniasis in women

In addition to taking drugs inside, Trichomonas can be influenced and locally. In women is the use of vaginal plugs, douches, and baths.

If douche and put candles the woman may be home alone, baths, usually put on a reception at the gynecologist. For this purpose weak solutions of antiseptics, such as iodine, and specific protivotrihomonadnyh drugs in liquid form.

Vaginal suppositories also contain in its composition of metronidazole and its derivatives. Their women are given daily at bedtime to prolong effect of the drug.

Local treatment of the disease in men

The same candle there are for men.They have the form of thin rods and are inserted into the urethra. In addition to their daily use on a doctor man made irrigation of the urethra and prostate massage. This procedure makes the causative agent of trichomoniasis to go out together with the secret of the prostate gland.

Without massage very often, the treatment gives only a temporary effect and part of trichomonads continues to multiply inside the body.

Prevention of re-infection

For trichomoniasis in men and women does not develop immunity. Therefore, even after the full recovery to get infected again is not difficult. To avoid this, man, it is important to use a condom during casual contacts.

If accidental contact occurs without protection, should treat genitals antiviral antiseptics-type miramistina. Although it does not give an absolute guarantee, but reduces the risk of infection.

Given that Trichomonas is transmitted not only during intimate contact, but also through everyday life, it is important to observe personal hygiene. Here is the use of personal towels, linen, napkins and thorough washing bath before bathing.