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What blood tests pass on syphilis and how they decode

Unlike Trichomonas, or gonorrhea, pale Treponema cannot be detected in smears. If a person has no obvious signs of disease, the best biological material for research for diagnosis of syphilis is a blood. A blood test for syphilis is reliable enough, and when the patient has the syphilides.

In some cases, give blood for syphilis

Don't be surprised if the medical examination before applying for a job, surgery or during pregnancy you will be asked to take a blood test for syphilis. This is a common procedure designed for screening of the population. Thus identify infections and patients in the early stages.

The desire to conduct a rapid diagnosis may appear, each who practiced unprotected sex or suspect the partner carrier. Today it is possible to make your own testing at home.

The blood test for syphilis acquires in the course of treatment of infection: according to the judge about the effectiveness of the chosen method of therapy and make conclusions about the recovery of the patient.

The direction of the analysis, it is possible to obtain not only the doctor-dermatologist, but my GP, a gynecologist or urologist. Analysis on its own initiative make, buying a kit for rapid testing in the pharmacy.

How to prepare for the procedure

Blood testing for syphilis in different cases can take capillary or venous blood. Home rapid tests give the answer one drop of blood from a finger. In this case, no special preparation is required. General recommendation: to refrain from Smoking directly before sampling, and from alcohol for 24 hours.

Similar requirements are put forward and in the venous blood. For patients who have problems with immunity, additionally not advised to do hard physical labor ahead of the tests. The day before the sampling, the better to consume a light meal, a good night's sleep.

Delivery of venous blood is in the morning on an empty stomach.

Нетрепонемные тесты Sd bioline

Interpretation of results the test system is performed based on the position of bands and their intensity.

The final diagnosis is put taking into account non-treponemal and treponemal tests.

Non-treponemal (NTT) Treponemal (TT) Interpretation
- - Examined the patient is healthy and never suffered with syphilis
Primary syphilis in the first week of development
Primary syphilis patients in 6-12 months after treatment
HaveHIV-infected people in the stage of active syphilis in the phenomena Hass and Hick as a result of delayed seroconversion
- + In early form of overt syphilis after successful treatment
In patients with primary syphilis
In secondary syphilis, and the phenomenon of prozone
If late untreated syphilis
When biologically false positive TT
In patients with autoimmune diseases, in cancer and infectious disease patients pregnant
In the terminal stage of HIV infection
+ - When biologically false positive serological reactions
+ + In untreated patients with syphilis at any stage of infection
In patients with systemic lupus erythematosus and other diseases with abnormal or excessive production of antibodies


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