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Symptoms, causes of infection, treatment and prevention of cytomegalovirus infection

Cytomegalovirus infection (cmvi) is a disease of viral nature of the polymorphic nature of the clinical signs and symptoms which are more common in early childhood, with the latent forms and carriers of CMV can be observed in up to 90% of the adult population in the developed countries up to 50%). This infection not related to STD treatment and diagnostics it provides the infectious diseases doctor.

Etiology CMV

Pathogen infection, as is clear from the name itself, the CMV (Cytomegalovirus hominis, CMV), he refers to the family of herpes viruses. Is an icosahedron, which is located inside the DNA, surrounded on the outside by glycolipids and glycoproteins (see figure below). Unstable to high temperatures, and is killed at 60°C.

List the factors of pathogenicity of this virus:

  1. German experts identified the negative impact of cytomegalovirus (CMV) in the lining of the endothelium of blood vessels and the heart cavities (the endocardium), it inhibits metabolism in endothelial cells, blocking its renewal and regeneration, affecting the endovascular growth factors. According to them, this may explain some chronic inflammatory processes in the vessels (endarteritis) and the development of atherosclerosis.
  2. Immunosuppressive effects (i.e., immunosuppression) due to suppression of the synthesis of interleukins IL-1 and IL-2, and response of immunocompetent cells.
  3. The virus carries the penetration into the cells through adhesion on the cell membrane and then penetrates into the cytoplasm of leucocytes and macrophages, where persists for a long time.
  4. When the penetration into other cells, the virus modifies their metabolism, thus forming the characteristic cytomegalic cells. It's giant cells, with a nucleus of large size, similar to "owl eyes". The nucleus and the cytoplasm of these cells contain inclusions of replicating virus. Cytomegalic cells can be detected in saliva and biopsy of the salivary glands, cerebrospinal fluid and the epithelium lining the ventricles of the brain, in the kidney tissue, liver slices. It is a reliable diagnostic feature, the use of which is hampered in the practice of medicine.


Infection with CMV occurs from mother to child through gematoplatzentarnyi barrier (the placenta), through the amniotic fluid, in childbirth mucous discharge from the cervical canal and vagina, through breast milk. There is sexual transmission of the infection from partner to partner during any kind of sex, through kissing. It is not excluded contamination by airborne droplets, especially from individuals with mononucleotide States. Possible infection post-transplantation, and hematogenous routes (i.e. organ transplants and blood transfusions).

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Individual prophylaxis consists in the following:

  1. Regular airing of the house, the use of humidifiers and long walks in the fresh air.
  2. Avoiding contact with sick ORVI and mononucleotide States, wearing respiratory masks in the epidemic, the change of a disposable mask should be done every hour.
  3. The orderly sex life without frequent change of partners, condom use with any kind of sex.
  4. Examination of both partners, not only for STIs, but also for the hidden infections.
  5. When planning a pregnancy in advance to be screened not only for TORCH-complex, but also to the detection of virus DNA in the blood, mucous discharge of the cervical canal and vagina. For this you need to go to a gynecologist and infectious disease.
  6. Avoidance of the execution of the tattoo, as well as control of processing equipment to perform manicure and pedicure.

I want to remind you that to cure, cpsi with the penetration of her body can not, modern medicine can only transfer an active infection in the "sleeping" state.

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