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How to treat cytomegalovirus infection in the home folk remedies

The problem of prevention and treatment of cytomegalovirus infection for each adult. Outwardly healthy forty-year old man, having passed the analysis on a cytomegalovirus, in 90% of cases will get a positive response. This means that the virus lives in the body, while not giving any warning signs.

Risk of infection-prone children, while still in the womb. And later he lies in wait at every step.

With a good immunity and infection will pass without consequences, but costs health to falter, as the attacks of the parasite are exposed to all body systems. Life at risk, first and foremost, infants, pregnant women, people with HIV and people with transplanted organs.

Once settled in the body, cytomegalovirus keeps the immune system in stress.

How does cytomegalovirus infection

This infection complicates the course of pregnancy in women and leads to disability of a newborn baby. Babies suffering congenital heart defects, blindness, deafness, hepatitis, hydrocephalus and other incompatible with life defects.

Official medicine is powerless against CMV infection. The first breakthrough in this area has yet to be achieved. In the doctors to maintain function of the affected organs and alleviate the consequences of the infection.

General recommendations for containment

A boon to mankind is the weakness of cytomegalovirus infection vs immunity and its instability at temperatures above 50°C. Substantial assistance to the protective forces of the organism will have the principles of a healthy lifestyle:

  • good sleep;
  • a balanced diet, rich in vegetables and fruits;
  • regular exercise and hardening;
  • the use of clean water;
  • observance of hygienic norms;
  • abstinence from Smoking and alcohol;
  • walks in the fresh air.

Favorable factors can be a massage, visit the sauna, good mood.

Treatment of cytomegalovirus herbs

Herbal infusions and decoctions in the case of infection with cytomegalovirus contributes to strengthening the body and strengthening the immune system. It is important that the immune response was:

  • timely;
  • sufficient;
  • adequate.

Universal herbal immunomodulators consider ginseng, schisandra, Echinacea. Proven licorice root and Rhaponticum carthamoides.

For cooking and medicinal decoctions for relapse or re-infection with cytomegalovirus should choose herbs that support the vital functions of diseased organs. During exacerbation pneumonia is the fees of Linden flowers, chamomile, succession, raspberry leaf, licorice root,Althea, alder cones. In renal failure good birch buds, rose hips, nettle.

Women are advised tea from the fruit of the wild cherry, the leaves of currant and raspberry, marjoram, thyme, rosemary and sage. Men are better suited decoction of equal parts of bees, the roots of the Pimpernel, plantain leaves, violets, raspberry, succession, nettle, flowers of meadowsweet, fennel fruit and rose hips.

Setting of T between human leukocyte to fight the virus successfully performed using bee products and colostrum.

Principles for the preparation of medicinal infusions:

  1. Before brewing components are thoroughly ground.
  2. The drink is prepared on the steam bath, or pour boiling water in a thermos.
  3. To insist the drug you need at least 5 hours.
  4. Take the decoction 4 times a day no more glasses.
  5. Adult prepare teas from the calculation of 4-5 tablespoons to 1 liter of water. Children broth diluted with boiled water.