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Possible consequences of syphilis

Despite the fact that the causative agent of syphilis, Treponema pallidum, was discovered even in the analysis of mummies of the Egyptian pharaohs, the consequences of syphilis has been classified only in the XIX century. This is not surprising because of the complications caused by this infectious disease are diverse: suffering genitourinary, musculoskeletal and nervous systems, skin and internal organs.

In most cases, infection occurs during sexual contact with the patient. Also transmission can occur from mother to fetus or by blood transfusion. Cases of infection through household items are extremely rare, since Treponema pallidum cannot survive for long outside the human body.


After an incubation period that lasts from two to six weeks, symptoms of primary syphilis. It is characterized by the fact that the site of entry of Treponema (sexual organ, the mucous membranes of the oral cavity or rectum) occurs, a small ulcer (chancre). Gradually begin to increase the lymph nodes closest to the area of infection. After a while the chancre disappears without any treatment.

Secondary syphilis develops within 4-10 weeks. Body pinkish rash occurs, you may experience headaches, fever, a feeling of weakness. Often patients lose their hair, and in the anal area and the genitals are formed of broad warts (flesh colored growths).

If the patient does not apply to a medical institution or does not fulfill the recommendations of doctors, after several years tertiary syphilis occurs - the stage of the disease which is practically incurable. Tertiary syphilis increases the risk of developing numerous complications may lead to death.

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Many patients are interested in whether the dangerous syphilis of any stage, and household, can be infection through household items. Do not be afraid of this: the causative agent of syphilis can only exist in the body and dies quickly in the air. However, if the disease has reached such a stage that the skin form of rash, it is advisable to refrain from the use of common household items. Despite the fact that the rash on the skin contain only small amounts of the pathogen, the person is severely immunocompromised can be infected.

After the end of therapy it should be remembered that the effects of the disease include the development of immunity. In the future there is still the risk of re-infection during unprotected sexual contact with patients. Be careful!