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The causes and treatment of syphilitic (sifilisnoy) chancre

Syphilis (or hard chancre is the primary symptom of syphilis occurs after an incubation period (about a month). It is in that place where there was the introduction of the causative agent of syphilis – pale Treponema.

Syphilis is a classical venereal disease. Because, speaking of chancre, in the first place mean the beginning of the development of syphilis. This phenomenon is known as the primary syphiloma, the primary erosion.

  • Sex (approximately 90%). In men often damaged the head of the penis, and women – back spike and labia. Often tumors occur in the wall of the uterus, urethra, rectum.
  • Napolovi (pubis, abdomen, thighs, lips, mucous etc.).

Depending on the depth of the lesion primary syphiloma happens:

  1. erosion (on the surface of the skin);
  2. ulcer (penetrates into deep layers of skin down to muscle).

Depending on the number of entities provide:

  • a single chancre;
  • multiple primary syphiloma.

Looks like sifilisnoy chancre

Syphilitic chancre has the form of erosion or superficial ulceration. In most cases it is a single entity, which has a spherical or oval shape, smooth edges. Sivilay diameter of approximately 1-2 cm, but also there are more small ulcers (1-3 mm) and very large units (4-5 cm).

The skin around the ulcer looks normal, i.e. tissue inflammation is not observed. The bottom of the ulcer flat and smooth muscular tissue have a bright red colour. The main feature of syphilitic chancre is a dense solid base of an ulcer (hence the name).

The chancre is painless and no any other discomfort. If you gently press on the periphery of education, it highlighted the fluid, called serum. With the smear from the wound can be observed the causative agent of syphilis – Treponema pallidum.

In 10-20% of cases with primary syphilis syphiloma has the appearance of a deep ulcer. Thus, it becomes difficult to make an accurate diagnosis because such education is true both for rigid and soft type of disease.

Atypical form

The above described classical syphiloma, but sometimes there are atypical forms. This can occur due to a complex of syphilis and some other infections lead to an inflammatory process around the ulcer, which changes the course of classic syphilis.

Healing and treatment of primary syphiloma

The plague itself does not require specific treatment, as it heals on its own within 1-2 months from the moment of occurrence. If the chancre looks like an ulcer, after healing possiblescar formation and education in the form of erosion disappears without a trace. Disappeared education indicates that syphilis has passed in the latent (latent) form, which is characterized by the rapid multiplication of the pathogen.

To speed up healing of the primary syphiloma, the doctor-the doctor prescribes the patient antibiotics (usually penicillin group: ampicillin or benzylpenicillin) with the aim of destroying the Treponema pallidum.

The treatment can be carried out at the hospital or on an outpatient basis, but in any case, under the supervision of a doctor. In case of detection of the primary symptom of the disease one of the constant sexual partners, the second also it is necessary to examine and to carry out preventive treatment.

Apart from antibiotics as therapeutic medications can be used sulfonamides. The duration of treatment is 1-2 weeks.

When tightening treatment, the chancre may persist, thus deteriorating the General condition of the patient. In this case, your doctor may prescribe vitamin therapy. The last resort – surgery.

But the fact that syphilitic chancre needs treatment doesn't mean to go to the doctor should not be. Since this phenomenon is one of the first symptoms of syphilis, you should immediately contact the doctor for further treatment of the main infections.

In addition, at the stage of initial erosion syphilitic infection is easier to cure. Otherwise, the disease will progress and recovery becomes more problematic.