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What is and what is the danger of human papillomavirus (HPV 59 HPV type in women?

Every woman sooner or later can discover on his body the tumor. When diagnosed with HPV 59 type of women that is and how to treat? These questions are of interest to many.

How dangerous is HPV?

Type 59 (human papilloma virus) is one of oncogenic viruses of the alpha type. It affects the epithelial tissue of the cervix and can cause cancer. The formation of warts and papillomas in an intimate place would be cause for an urgent visit to the doctor. Carriers of the human papilloma viruses with high oncogenic risk, you should register to the oncologist, regularly tested, to be tested.

Papilloma 52, 56 and 59 affects the epithelial cells of the rectum. Warts and papillomas grow, mutate and turn into cancer cells.

The main symptoms that can be suspected cancer:

  • frequent constipation, diarrhea;
  • discomfort at the time of defecation;
  • modified chair;
  • feeling that the bowel is not fully emptied;
  • the increase in gas formation, bloating, pain;
  • blood in the stool.

Повышенная утомляемость при онкологическом заболевании

The disease HPV with the number 59 goes through four stages:

  1. Latent. The virus is in the body, but does not manifest itself.
  2. The appearance of genital warts.
  3. The developmental stage at which change the cell structure.
  4. Carcinoma. The cells mutate into malignant.

Treatment and prevention

Genital warts make a woman not only physical discomfort but also a lot of psychological problems, especially if the sexual partner feels disgust or revulsion. Tumors injured, bleeding during intercourse and forced the woman to abandon it.

If the warts change color you need to go to the doctor.

The human papilloma virus is treated conservatively and surgically. Conservative treatment is aimed at strengthening the immune system.

Surgical methods:

  1. Chemical destruction on the basis of nitric acid. 2-3 procedures will save you from multiple and overgrown warts. The method is effective and safe.
  2. Laser destruction. Surgical laser to destroy skin growths. The method is also safe, but its use requires special equipment.
  3. Cryosurgery. Under the influence of liquid nitrogen low temperature growths are frozen and die. The method is dangerous and requires some experience and caution, because getting healthy skin, the nitrogen can cause burns.
  4. Thermocoagulation. Painful procedure cauterization is effective enoughcheap.
  5. Radiosurgical method. With the help of a special apparatus with a beam of radio waves tissue tumors are excised, the wound healing is quick, and spot removal, no scars. The procedure is considered very safe, but the equipment is expensive, it is not installed in all clinics.

Woman gets rid of tumors on an outpatient basis. But in 30% of cases relapse. The patient must eliminate the causes that contribute to the development of the disease: not to SuperCool, to abandon bad habits, avoid stress and eat right.

The human papilloma virus due to the accumulation increases the risk of cancer. Therefore you cannot delay and at the slightest manifestations of the disease to consult a specialist.

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