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Symptoms, treatment and prevention containsnode mollusk in adult women and men

Molluscum contagiosum – a viral disease of the skin that is caused by the virus molluscum contagiosum. This infection is widely distributed in the world, because it is easily transmitted from person to person. It should be noted that only a person can be a carrier and source of infection, whereas animals it is not amazing.

This is an infectious disease most often associated with children from ages 1 to 10 years, but increasingly infecting adult men and women. The human immune system only for a short time is able to form immunity to the pathogen, so often there are cases of re-infection.

How transmitted infection

Pathogen survival in the environment adds another option of distribution – through things, plates, handrails in public transport, etc. it is Also possible the transmission of the virus through water pools, air conditioning. Since in the blood the pathogen is extremely rare, the chance of infection through blood is very low.

By itself, molluscum contagiosum in adults is virtually harmless, after all, capable of causing only short-term defects on the skin, but this factor can affect the infected by the secondary infection. Special attention should be given to the disease on the background of immunosuppressive condition or prolonged antibiotic therapy.

This infection is often combined with other viral infestations – herpes, acrochordons etc. the Combination of pathologies may lead to more serious consequences and dangers for human life.

Pathogenesis and symptoms

The first signs of infection can be felt only after an incubation period of 20 days. In men the scrotum, penis, pubic area, thighs or lower abdomen is formed by one or multiple flesh-colored papules spherical shape. In women, these papules may appear in the large or the labia minora, the pubic area, thighs, in some cases, the vaginal mucosa.

As you might guess, papules – the entrance gate to the virus, and it was here that he eats and is developing favorably. In infected women and men these tumors completely painless and does not require treatment. When pressed on the defect from its center the liquid is released, which is degraded and atrophied inflamed epithelial cells. Themselves of the papules and the skin around them is often itchy.

The number of tumors can vary from a single to a few dozen. The figure depends on many factors – the quantity of the pathogen, favorable conditions, body temperature, immune system, etc.

Common manifestations of the virus inmen and women normally restricted to a small increase in body temperature (37.5 degrees), headache, and General fatigue.

Treatment and prevention

This pathology tends to cure itself through the immune response. But do not expect a quick self-remission, because the body need approximately 2-6 months. The main problem in this case – a cosmetic defect, which most people want to get rid of. Self-medication can be dangerous to your health, so if you have MCV, you must consult a dermatologist.

Treatment of molluscum may be varied – conservative, physiotherapeutic, surgical.

Surgery is performed under local anesthetic. With a scalpel cut the area of the papules, exudate stands out and the defect is antiviral and is washed with aseptic solutions. Even if you delete all nodes of infection can appear new and will need to remove again.

Conservative therapy is carried out with antivirals (acyclovir), nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, immunomodulators, etc. Local use brilliant green, Betadine, and other antiseptics.

Physiotherapy includes a variety of methods, among which the most often used diathermocoagulation, UHF action or cryotherapy.

By itself, the MCV virus does not pose a risk to life, but can reduce its quality. Prevention includes adequate personal hygiene, avoiding close contact with sick people.