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Sessions N. Kolesnikova to restore prostate

Every year more and more representatives of a strong half of mankind suffer from such an unpleasant male disease as prostatitis. It manifests itself not only in the disruption of the reproductive system of the body and has a negative impact on the psychological state and relationships with women.

Forms of prostatitis and their prevalence

According to the method of occurrence of inflammation of the prostate gland can be acute, chronic, and even asymptomatic.

Acute prostatitis is characterized by pronounced symptoms. It can start with General malaise, feelings of weakness and fatigue, and possibly fever and headaches. The overall picture is similar to the development of customary colds, so very often don't even have thoughts about another disease.

But when added to the symptoms are not characteristic of cold, and a pain in the groin area, lower back, perineum, problems with urination and erection, it becomes clear that we are talking about a serious male problem is prostatitis. The reason for the defeat are various microorganisms e.g., Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, or sexually transmitted infection. This form is the most favorable time for treatment, so you must act in this period and then you can expect a positive and relatively quick results.

Inflammation of the prostate gland the disease is common. But its acute manifestation is found just 5% of all cases and, accordingly, a very small number of infected people has the opportunity to obtain necessary medical care.

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