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Collection of Siberian old-believers for potency

Sooner or later in every man's life there comes a time when sexual attraction to women is minimal, and the physiological ability to implement one of the most important basic instincts and completely lost. The time, to put it mildly, not the best.

If we are talking about men sufficiently Mature age, to make such changes as they, in General, predictable. But that proximity is lost much earlier, and even accompanied with impotence - it's time to sound the alarm and to seek causes of erectile dysfunction, which is popularly called such a nasty word as impotence.

The causes of sexual impotence

In case of violations of the erection, you need to immediately consult a specialist like a urologist or andrologist, and with it to look for the causes of the occurrence of this delicate disease. And today, there are many.

Let's start with the psychological. It is clear that failure in bed in the first place affects the psyche and causes a storm of emotions to cope with that is not so simple. Someone could be collected, pull yourself together and think about how to solve the problem. But most often it develops into the fear of falling into such a situation again to be unclear on the rocks feel not held. As a result, a man may avoid talking with women or worse to withdraw and go into depression. In addition, the result of the emergence of a psychological barrier at a younger age may be childhood trauma, a lack of experience or inability to communicate with girls.


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