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Massager for prostate

Modern women are anxious about their health and think it's normal regular visits to a doctor as a gynecologist. As for men, they do not fully understand these preventive measures and who is a urologist know theoretically. After all, if nothing hurts, it means that health in order and to go to the hospital no reason. But that's the trouble, because, for example, the most common male condition known as prostatitis develops without symptoms. And when there are unpleasant or even painful feelings, then we are talking about the chronic form complications or.

A little bit about the disease

The diagnosis of prostatitis is found in the inflammation of the prostate gland. It is the organ of the male body located in the pelvis under the bladder, through which the initial division of the urethra. Its main function is to produce secretions, which is part of semen.

Knowing these anatomical features and function of the prostate is possible to understand what problems arise during its inflammation. In the first place is a violation of the process of urination. It manifests itself in the frequent urination and the presence of a constant feeling of incomplete emptying. Thus the process is accompanied by certain unpleasant feelings, which subsequently develop into quite painful.

урологический-массаж схема

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