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The results of PCR in diagnosis of urogenital chlamydiosis

Before the reader is the form with the results of PCR diagnosis of scraping on urogenital infections. As you can see in the photo, the patient discovered chlamydia trachomatis 10^5 copies/ml, Mycoplasma genitalium species 4*10 ^6 copies/ml. These types of microorganisms are absolute pathogens, so their detection in any quantity requires specific antibiotic therapy.

Ureaplasma and Mycoplasma species of hominis currently considered part of the normal microflora of the person, if their number does not exceed 10^4 CFU/ml in inflammatory diseases of the urogenital tract, dysbiosis the number of these bacteria may be higher than the permissible levels, in this case, the treatment is assigned.

Starting with the line "Gardnerella" on the form there is a list of microorganisms, characterizing the state of the vaginal microflora. At its violation (so-called dysbiosis) changes the ratio of conditional-pathogenic flora and lactobacilli of Doderlein that can be observed in the presented sample.

Thus, this patient has a urogenital chlamydiosis, mycoplasmosis M. genitalium and bacterial vaginosis.

Clinically this may manifest symptoms of vaginitis (colpitis), urethritis, cystitis. Treatment should include 2 phases: eradication of chlamydia and Mycoplasma genitalium and the restoration of biocenosis of the vagina.