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Urinalysis for asymptomatic bacteriuria

As you can see from the results of the General analysis of urine (hereafter OAM), the studied material does not show signs of inflammatory reaction (the number of leukocytes, erythrocytes and protein within reference values). I draw the attention of only two features: bacteriuria and increasing the salt concentration (which, for some reason, is not described, although this is usually specified – phosphate, oxalate, urate, etc.).

How to evaluate these results?

  1. Signs of inflammation of the urinary tract in this analysis no.
  2. You need to retake OAM to clarify whether increasing the salt concentration transient factor. Sometimes (especially in children) these changes are associated with diet, supplemental feeding, drinking weak mode, the current SARS.
  3. Bacteriuria detected in this case, requires the collection of urine for re OAM and planting to clarify the number of bacteria and their species.
  4. Asymptomatic bacteriuria may occur with recurrent pyelonephritis and cystitis, reflux of urine, anomalies of development of organs of the urinary system, as well as in poorly assembled material.

Tactics of the physician in such results to be verified and to clarify the cause of abnormalities if the patient has no symptoms of the disease, predisposing factors, there is no cure, especially antibacterial drugs are required.