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Causes, symptoms and treatment of chlamydial urethritis in men and women

A disease in which chlamydia amaze urinary tract, called chlamydial urethritis.

Chlamydia is a microscopic parasite, which can penetrate into human cells, and free to exist outside their shell. The chlamydia bacteria no mitochondria, and therefore, they do not have a body, which was supplying them with energy. Chlamydial urethritis occurs when bacteria strike human cells use their mitochondria for life and development.

Urethritis is urological disease, but chlamydia is considered a sexual infection and transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse. The introduction of bacteria into the urinary tract causes urethritis in men and women. Also a urinary tract infection in the absence of rapid and adequate treatment can cause problems with the reproductive system and even lead to infertility.

Chlamydial urethritis in women and men

The disease can affect both male and female body. Often mutual infection occurs from sexual partners. Paired treatment should occur simultaneously to prevent re-infection.

Chlamydial urethritis in men. A similar disease in men, often but not always correctly diagnosed. Usually the disease in this case does not differ from its other forms.

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Tactics of conducting the patient

Turning to the doctor at the beginning of the disease significantly increases the possibility of successful medical treatment.

To diagnose the disease using tests, patient interviews about his sex life, swabbed for bacterial culture, ultrasound examination of organs of small pelvis, etc. Disease in women requires additional smear of the genital organs.

Depending on the form of the disease and current medications can be taken in pill form or injected by special devices directly into the urethra. In severe and advanced forms of oral drugs may be ineffective. In this case, use a wide range of local antibiotics.

During pregnancy and lactation treatment of disease is necessary because the high risk of infecting the child. Treatment should be under close medical supervision, since most of the drugs in this period is contraindicated.

In the treatment of chlamydial urethritis, especially when combined with antifungal drugs and antibiotics, it is necessary to use immunomodulators. They will help the body as quickly as possible to cope with the infection and recover after taking medication. In the case of chronic forms of the disease immunomodulatory drugs can be used in the form of courseinjection.

The lack of treatment threatens the absolute transition of the disease into a chronic form. The disease can cause a wide range of complications in men, the infertility, the defeat of the testes, impotence. Urethritis in women primarily affects the reproductive function, increases the risk of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy. In both sexes in the presence of chronic chlamydial urethritis increases the number of inflammatory diseases of the urinary system in the first place, cystitis.