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What are the symptoms and treatment of urethritis in children?

Common disease is urethritis in children, the symptoms and treatment it has long been known in medicine. After all, our children are completely unprotected from various inflammatory processes which can develop directly in the urinary system. Appears most often disease of acute urethritis in children, the body which became infected. For this disease is characterized by the presence of pronounced symptoms.

The child has the disease can develop due to falling directly on the mucous membrane of the urethra such pathogens, such as Trichomonas, gonococci or Mycoplasma. In almost all cases, the pathogen enters the body from the disregard of the simplest rules of hygiene. Sometimes urethritis in children develops because of the presence of allergic reactions, trauma to the urethra, too low immunity and stagnation.

The most common symptoms of urethritis

Today we know that the symptoms are quite unpleasant disease the child runs not too intense. Because of this, parents often can not identify that the health of their beloved child is not okay. In addition, children who do not have the necessary vocabulary, simply unable to tell an adult about discomfort. And even teenagers are afraid to tell their parents about such intimate issue. That is why adults must always be very careful in order to have time to pay attention to certain symptoms developing in the child of urethritis.

It is known that in boys the presence of infection is characterized by a very unpleasant burning sensation that children feel during urination. In boys, the penis may appear mucous or purulent discharge. In the urine can detect blood.

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It should be noted that girls are not so strongly expressed symptoms of urethritis. They often lie in the presence of sharp pains in the stomach, unpleasant pain when going to the toilet, and too frequent urination. In some cases, there may be certain signs that are most common among young children is peruutusehdot and fever.

As of today, diagnose and treat inflammation of the urethra?

If there is no timely treatment of the disease, that is, the probability that a bladder infection will become acute or chronic. For example, the development of chronic disease prescriptions may be complicated by the fact that the disease is virtually asymptomatic.

In the clinic the physician should be required to carry out the most moderndiagnosis, which is 100% facilitate the task of the specialist in the development of a treatment plan that will help to establish the cause of lung disease and to determine the form received into the body of the infection.

The most common diagnostic measure is the inspection of the genitals, the analysis of urine and a sample of the mucous membrane of the urethra. If there is suspicion of the presence of chronic diseases, the physician shall appoint an ureteroscopy.

It is known that in acute urethritis used antibiotic therapy, which is supposed to eliminate the source of infection. But chronic form of such unpleasant diseases requires an integrated approach. The child is introduced drug solutions into the urethra, give a properly chosen antibiotics and immunostimulating drugs.

What medications can the doctor prescribe?

In the process of selection of antibiotics experienced physician must take into account the form of the disease, the little patient tolerability of certain drugs, the presence of other ailments.

If the physician could not identify the causative agent of the disease, for effective treatment using such drugs as, for example, cefaclor, amoxicillin, clavulanate or cefixime.

The reception of the above mentioned antibiotics may last a week. As additional drugs use so-called immunomodulators. This can be the Throat or Echinacea tincture. Often the correct treatment of such a common illness in children involves the use of instillation of the urethra by using anti-inflammatory solutions.

A great addition to the reception of the selected physician drugs is the possibility of using the most common traditional medicine. The doctor may recommend directly to the period of development of the infection every day to take special charges that were made on the basis of field horsetail, cranberry leaf, bearberry or sage. The above herbal infusions perfectly relieve the symptoms of the disease.

Will not prevent the timely prevention of the disease. To promote the baby's immunity, you should take cranberry juice, decoction of black currant leaves, as well as useful tincture of aloe. Restore health will help sitz baths, which perfectly reduce inflammation.

Fill the bathtub with water, add about 2 litres of broth from the peppermint, Hypericum, juniper, nettle or sweet flag root. The little patient is recommended to sit in a medicinal bath for 15 minutes.