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The leading risk factors, clinical manifestations and treatment of urethritis in pregnant women

Urethritis during pregnancy is quite common. The disease is an inflammatory process that develops in the bladder. Affect the inflammation can a variety of factors, including hypothermia. It's pretty unpleasant disease, but women carry it easily.

Risk factors inflammation of the urethra

There are several major factors that can cause an acute attack of urethritis during pregnancy. Among them include:

  • penetration of the infection through the sexual act;
  • hypothermia;
  • infectious-inflammatory diseases;
  • allergic reactions;
  • defects of the genitourinary system;
  • fatigue as a result of emotional or physical exhaustion;
  • the consumption of a minimum amount of water;
  • the lack of sufficient hygiene.

Частые позывы к мочеиспусканию - симптом уретрита

Beware is gonococcal urethritis. This is the most dangerous pathogen, which is able to reach the fetus and lead to his death. It is possible the development of premature labor process. In order to avoid severe consequences when negative clinical picture, it is advisable to visit a doctor.

Are not dangerous diseases of noninfectious nature, but they can cause complications. So you need time to heal inflammation, not to ignore it.

Diagnostic procedures consist of several stages. Initially a full medical history, including patient's complaints, her lifestyle and pregnancy. Then the specialist conducts an inspection and finds out information about existing acute or chronic diseases.

Next, you need to explore discharge from the urethra, which takes a swab. This will help to identify pathogens and to recognize it. Compulsory bacteriological sowing. It is necessary for the purpose of drug therapy. Together with this are ultrasound and PCR diagnostics.

After a series of diagnostic measures in pregnant women urethritis eliminated by medication.

Tactics and methods of treatment

The inflammatory process can affect the pregnancy and lead to development of pathologies of the child. Special risk urethritis infectious origin.

Treatment of disease aims to eliminate the root causes of its development. The mainstay of medical therapy is the use of antibacterial drugs. You need to choose those options that are not harmful for the developing organism.

The inflammatory process caused by chlamydia, is eliminated by means of such drugs as Erythromycin, Amoxicillin andJosamycin.

If the inflammation was provoked by gonorrhea, drug therapy involves the use of Ceftriaxone, and Spectinomycin Cefixime.

The disease, which was caused by ureaplasmas eliminated through the use of Josamycin.

You need to understand that the treatment of antibacterial drugs during pregnancy is extremely dangerous. However, it is necessary correctly to work, otherwise there is a high risk of complications.

Most antibiotics can lead to the destruction of the cells of the kidneys, liver and stomach. They have a negative effect on the processes of hematopoiesis and can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, treatment is performed solely under the supervision of a physician, after examination and diagnostic procedures.