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Causes, symptoms and treatment of specific and non-specific urethritis in women

If there is suspicion of urethritis in women, the symptoms and treatment depend on the causative agent. In this disease the symptoms of dimly expressed or absent. It is unfavorable course of the disease, which leads to chronic urethritis. With the appearance of the slightest symptoms should immediately go to the doctor.

This disease is manifested by inflammation of the lining of the urethra. There are discharge from the urethra in women and pain when visiting the toilet. Urethritis is life-threatening, but causes discomfort and complications in the body. The urethra in women has a length of 2 cm and is very wide. This anatomical feature and the location lead to easy penetration of the pathogen in the urogenital tract, and even the emergence of edema of the urethra does not affect the flow of urine.

Cystitis and urethritis occur simultaneously, the first disease is the consequence of urethritis. Therefore, drug treatment of urethritis in women should start on time and complete, otherwise, a running inflammation may contribute to the spread of the disease to the entire genitourinary system, and the consequences of this dangerous and intractable.

Causes of urethritis in women

The reasons for the development of inflammation in the region of the urethra - bacteria, less irritation is a non-bacterial source. Urethritis is infectious and not infectious character. Infectious inflammation of the urethra is divided into specific and nonspecific urethritis.

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Folk remedies and recipes

In addition to the basic therapy can be used traditional methods of treatment. Use every day juice, cranberries, carrots, or cranberry has a beneficial effect in the treatment. Good effect on the body the patient has an eating parsley, celery and beets.

To achieve positive dynamics is possible using herbs with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antispasmodic action. So, to relieve the itching of urethra using baths of chamomile, calendula.

For internal use use drug fees:

  1. Elder flowers, horsetail, juniper, nettle, mint, calamus roots.
  2. The harrow, parsley root, dandelion, anise fruit.
  3. St. John's wort, sage, thyme, the leaves of lady's mantle, horsetail, couch grass root.

According to statistics, the infection occurs during sex, so prevention should always be, especially with casual sexual relations. Special attention should be paid to daily hygiene of the genital organs. It is necessary to avoid hypothermia, psychological stress, to maintain normal performance of hormones. It is obligatory regularvisit the gynecologist every 6 months. Be healthy!