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The symptoms and treatment of Trichomonas urethritis in men and women

Trichomonas urethritis - an ailment that is quite common in modern society. It is classified as infection, sexually transmitted diseases. Trichomonas urethritis in men due to a number of pathogenic microorganisms, which are concentrated in the seminal vesicles of the prostate.

Decomposition products are toxic. Once in the body, they begin to poison him. Urethra are exposed to destructive impacts and further progression of the disease.

Brief information about trichomoniasis

The disease is caused by Trichomonas. The size of the microorganism varies from 10 to 20 microns. Habitat - genito-urinary system.

According to studies, it was established that signs of the disease are most visible in the male body, unlike the female. The main reason is the different structure of the genitourinary system. The urethra in males has a greater length, and therefore the likelihood of illness increases.

Жжение при мочеиспускании - симптом трихомонадного уретрита

Men's type pathology does not have pronounced symptoms, but because patients can be unaware of the health status. Not knowing their diagnosis, men continue to spread the infection. Over time, Trichomonas urethritis spreads to the prostate gland, exerting a toxic effect.

Patients should remember that the chronic form is difficult to treat. As the disease may long be asymptomatic, therapy starts late. In this case, complications can not be avoided.

How to be treated?

Comprehensive therapy can begin once identified the main causes of the disease. Doctors begin diagnosis definition inflammatory process. In any case therapy is required, since the patient is the source of the infection.

The course of treatment the patient must undergo all the persons who were with him were in direct contact. Sexual intimacy is prohibited for the entire period of therapy.

The main methods for elimination of Trichomonas urethritis:

  1. Use of antibiotics - special medicines that block the reproduction of the infection.
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After 10 days doctors perform follow-up investigations. They can see the dynamics of state change. Full recovery is observed far not in all patients. In clinical practice it is possible to meet cases where repeated inflammation and the need to resume course. The patient should follow all the prescriptions of the attending physician,regardless of the place of treatment.

Everything will depend on the patient and his discipline. The result is associated with the regularity of taking and constant analysis of his condition. The chronic form is adjusted in vitamins and immunomodulators. Their mission - improving the local immunity in the affected areas.

For the period of therapy, the patient must completely abandon the incorrect foods, spicy, sour, bitter foods. Following the recommendations of your doctor, you can achieve significant results. Upon detection of primary symptoms should immediately seek the assistance of your doctor.