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Causes, symptoms and treatment of urethral stricture using invasive techniques and folk remedies

Stricture of the urethra is a term which defines a narrowing of the urethra. It is believed that the disease is "male". This is not so. Stricture of the urethra in men is really more common, about two times. However, this is not enough to divide the disease according to sex. This disease is quite widespread. On average up to 1% of adult women and up to 2% of adult men suffer from this disease. This situation is due to the fact that men have a longer urethra. The result - a high probability of injury, infection, etc.

Clinical manifestations of a urethral stricture

Stricture of the urethra has a very pronounced symptoms that can not be "hidden" because the narrowing of the urethra directly affects sensations during urination. Stricture of the urethra is characterized by such symptoms:

  • thin stream (or drops), spray;
  • the vast majority of the pain when urinating;
  • in some cases, the presence of blood in the urine;
  • excessive tension of the muscles of the lower press when urinating;
  • feeling of full bladder;
  • incomplete emptying of the bladder and, as a consequence, frequent urination.

Narrowing of the urethra, at first glance, the disease is trifling. But we should not forget that nothing doesn't just happen. Like any disease, the occurrence of stricture of the urethra is preceded by some reason. And if the disease is run, it can be very serious complications. In addition, stricture of the urethra may be a manifestation of more complex diseases of the genitourinary system. One of the most frequent consequences of neglected stricture of the urethra, for example, is a weakening of the bladder muscles due to constant tension. The result - incomplete emptying, leading to frequent trips to the toilet. This is one of the "harmless" effects.

Травмы - причина стриктуры уретры

In the case of 2 cm or more is performed urethroplasty with the use of the material for transplantation from the patient's tissue (skin of the foreskin or mucous cheeks).

Due to the fact that probing and stenting have a high percentage of relapse in the treatment of a narrowing of the urethra, they are used rarely. Probing still apply with a simple narrowing of the urethra and for the first time. If narrowing is extensive or relapse is usually performed reconstructive surgery that is required depending on the complexity.

In modern medicine, increasingly, the manual operations are replaced by operations with a laser. The laser has a slim line cut, which facilitates a more accurate procedure. In addition, whensurgery laser healing will be faster because the damaged section of the cells will be less.

This is due to the fact that more and more doctors prefer to treat with a laser beam.

Traditional methods of treatment

Treatment of folk remedies involves either hirudotherapy (leeches) or herbal treatment (black currant or cranberries, for example).

It is important to note that this treatment may be effective only under the supervision of a specialist. And if such therapy has no effect, it is necessary to hasten to the doctor.

Since delay may significantly complicate the situation both in terms of treatment and in terms of consequences.