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Causes, symptoms and treatment of urethral polyp (ICD-10 D30.4)

Everything in the body has a functional purpose. Any urethral polyp, which is benign education, is protective. In the natural development of tissues to treat polyps is not necessary. According to medical statistics, to actively develop they begin under the influence of external and internal factors. Only 6 months to capture specific growths of the urinary and gall bladder, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system.

To prevent the rapid spread of benign tumors helps timely medical assistance. Before the time of setting even provisional diagnosis should refrain from treatment folk remedies.

The main causes and risk factors of formation of polyps

Diagnosed polyp of the urethra in women of any age. The disease is strictly a female character. The reasons lie in the specifics of the formation of tumors of the epithelial type in the body of the fair sex. Rarely, the culprit is the anatomical structure of the urethra. During diagnostic procedures, the doctor starts the inspection of the meatus and the urethra. Occurring in 4-5% of patients with complaints of pain in the area of the urethra the disease is not dangerous.

From the anatomical point of view, the emergence of polyps in the urethra in women says about the active process of growth of fibrous tissue. It is characterized by red or brown color. The average size of the neoplasms ranges from 0.2 mm to 1.5 cm, the Doctors always conduct several tests to symptoms of a polyp not be confused with a papilloma. In the second case we are talking about the appearance of the loose surface. In appearance it is similar to cauliflower.

Under the influence of adverse environmental conditions and poor nutrition, the emergence of polyps in the urethra in women begins at the age of 22 years. Despite investigations of the disease, doctors can not with high probability to make a conclusion about risk factors. The most common culprit doctors call a malfunction of the hormonal system. He bad accompanied by noticeable symptoms, so the physician and the patient are not in a hurry.

Схема полипов уретры

When assigning tests, the treating doctor will pay special attention to the presence of blood clots in the urine. In the case of those can say that neoplasms damaged the ureter. Polyps its structure is very fragile. If for any reason in the ureter they get injured, minor bleeding immediately manifest themselves.

The transition of the disease into a chronic form characterized by 2 common symptoms. Often stream when urinating is almost not controlled. The resulting growths make it unnatural. Moreproblems experienced by women, which is the size of the polyp is very large.

The most effective treatments

Regardless of common symptoms with treatment of the disease does urologist. Unlike many diseases, where early diagnosis helps to form a therapeutic course, polyps in the early stages rarely visible. Modern equipment is not able to correctly determine the inside. To talk about the production of the preliminary diagnosis at the time when the polyp reaches a certain size or provokes the outward symptoms.

Prior to treatment, the urologist asks the patient to undergo a blood and urine test, the.. For the subsequent treatment of the visual inspection is best. The doctor is able to confirm or refute the previously made assumption.

An additional factor here is smear. Provide them with information says about the nature of the tumor. If we are talking about the polyps infectious origin, the therapy is based on the use of antibiotics.

The patient should follow the doctor's instructions, abstaining, where possible, treatment of folk remedies.

Achievements of folk medicine is to reduce inflammation and strengthen the immune system. The treatment of folk remedies is not a replacement for traditional methods. Gathering all information and making the clinical picture, a urologist may prescribe treatment in unconventional ways as a maintenance therapy.

Any treatment it is important to follow the prescribed course until the moment of medical confirmation of the reduction of the inflammation. Depending on the obtained results, after the tests the doctor adjusts the dosage or completely negate them.

If during the treatment the patient have new symptoms, you should immediately place notify physician.