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Why, after taking a smear from the urethra for analysis it is painful to write and to go to the toilet?

Many patients complain that they hurt after a stroke to write. This is especially prevalent complaint among men. Despite the fact that this is the explanation, the unpleasant symptoms of a blood analysis can be avoided.

When a swab taken from the urethra?

A swab from the urethra (or scraping) is a common method of clinical research. Its goal is the definition of an infectious or inflammatory process in the urogenital system, pathogenic bacteria, etc. This analysis takes both men and women. In this case a swab from the urethra (the urethra) can take as if you suspect some kind of disease, and prevention during routine inspection at the urologist or gynecologist.

The procedure for the collection of scrapings for men and women is different. In men it can cause uncomfortable and even painful sensations. And it consists in the introduction into the canal of the urethra a special applicator, a tampon or a medical probe. Despite the fact that the tool has a small size, he is introduced to a depth of 5 cm, and then is rotated several times in the channel. This is to ensure that the tool left skin cells. It was the contact with the tool and delivers discomfort during the procedure and for some time afterwards.

Принцип взятия мазка у мужчин

Doctors give the following recommendations:

  1. Time to urinate. Refers to the fact that after 30 - 40 minutes after the analysis had to pee. This will reduce in the future the intensity of unpleasant symptoms.
  2. Correctly to urinate. At the beginning of urination, need to release a few drops of liquid and wait until the discomfort or pain will pass or subside. And then to completely empty the bladder.
  3. To abstain from sexual contact. Within 3 days after taking samples is better not to have sex and try not to get excited, to prevent the erection and stretching the urethra.
  4. Stick to the diet. Within 7 days after taking samples you should not eat salty, sour, spicy, smoked and fatty foods, spices, alcohol.
  5. Wear the right underwear. Briefs must be quite free, made from natural fabrics.
  6. To maintain good hygiene. Not less than 1 time per day to carry out hygienic procedures, using hypoallergenic special tools.

If the pain worse, it is better to consult a doctor. Individually he may prescribe anti-inflammatory medication of the nonsteroidal group.