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What is leukoplakia of the bladder, what are its symptoms and treatment?

Leukoplakia of the bladder represents a disease related to chronic type, in which cells of transitional epithelium that line the cavity of the bladder, are being replaced by other cells of the squamous epithelium. As a result, in the bladder there are areas that are covered with keratinized epithelium, it is not protecting the bladder from the harmful effects of certain types of substances contained in the urine, which causes chronic inflammation of the bladder neck.

Women leukoplakia of the bladder neck is detected slightly more often than men. This is due to the peculiarities of the female body, because of which the bladder is more susceptible to various kinds of infections. The disease usually occurs in adult patients, in children, it occurs quite rare.

Causes of leukoplakia of the bladder

Leukoplakia of the bladder neck can occur for various reasons. In the majority of cases, the way in which the infection enters the body, can be considered as ascending, in other words, the infection enters the body through the vulva. Often leukoplakia is caused by various infections that are transmitted sexually. However, it should in this disease be ruled out the descending route of infection - in such cases, the infection is inside the patient, having got there through the internal organs.

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To neglect the treatment of such diseases cannot be in any case, since in the future, it could face serious complications.


There are various methods that prevent the development of such diseases. These include:

  • strict compliance with personal hygiene;
  • well-timed treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • the implementation of measures to strengthen the immune system;
  • maintaining a healthy lifestyle;
  • use protection when they have sex, regular testing for the presence of various STIs.

To comply with these recommendations is easy, however, they will have a good effect on the General health of the patient.