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What are the symptoms and how to treat bladder stones in men and women?

Pain that manifests in the abdomen and increasing when a person urinates, saying that he had stones in the bladder. You must consult a specialist that will set with the help of special equipment, whether there are stones in the bladder. In this disease the pain can spread to the genital area, the crotch. Discomfort occurs when a woman or man move. The pain caused urination. Often, if the stone is already large, a person can urinate just lying. Bladder stones should begin to resolve as early as possible. You may need surgical treatment if the disease is neglected.

Why are the stones?

The stones manifest themselves when people expose their bodies to the shake: it is necessary to ride in the car over bumps or dance as begin voiding. It is enough to lift something heavy, and pains in the bladder. Often the appearance of stones in bladder in men develops interrupted urination, which, beginning, as usual, sharply interrupted. This is due to the fact that oxalate closes the urethra. In most cases, to continue the urination has been lying.

From stones in the bladder suffered all the famous politicians and even the Egyptian pharaohs. This is historical evidence. But ordinary citizens are not immune from the development of dangerous diseases. Often, the disease affects men due to specific organs of the urogenital system. Scientists attribute the increase in the number of cases of people with a changed way of eating and the ability to adhere to different diets.

Foreign bodies in the bladder are not formed just like that. Even if a person is predisposed to the disease from birth, without any "push" the stones will not appear.

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It is important to drink plenty of fluids. A day needs to consume up to 3 liters. You need to have an active lifestyle, exercise and lose weight, if applicable.

Your doctor will tell you how to eat right in your case. Diet is adjusted individually. Drinking liquid on an empty stomach as needed, and during and after meals. Not worth it just to drink for the night: it adversely affects the kidneys and bladder. Self-treatment of kidney stones to do is unacceptable. If you do not treat the disease, the patient can even die from pain shock. In other cases, patients face chronic form of pyelonephritis. The pus that forms due to inflammation in the bladder and kidneys, gets into the neighboring structuresand may cause them serious harm. The patient may lose a kidney. Perhaps the development of cystitis.

Patients experiencing formation of stones, you know that frequent manifestation of urolithiasis is its relapse. The need to constantly monitor the blood and urine and be under the supervision of a doctor. He will recommend drugs that, in addition to diet will make the patient's life much easier preventing the formation of oxalates.

All doctors in one voice say that the causes of calculi in the bladder are congenital disorders of metabolic processes that affect the activity of the genitourinary system. Heredity and unhealthy lifestyle often lead to the formation of stones in the bladder.

More important to use diuretics for the recipes of traditional medicine. It is herbal based on herbs: milk Thistle, thyme, calendula, lemon balm, cinnamon, Valerian, oregano, horsetail, Linden, sage, chamomile, nettle. You need to protect yourself from hypothermia and colds. They are like no other illnesses causing complications, which affect a variety of organs. Concretions formed and. People who are prone to diseases of the urinary system, you need to keep warm lumbar.

If there was even a small discomfort, an urgent need to see a specialist-a urologist, who diagnose and prescribe a number of drugs. Do not pull and wait, thinking that all self-will, or self-medicate.

Only a specialist will know what is happening and will be able to make a decision.In many cases, it is necessary not to delay the operation, otherwise the stones will close the passage of urine is so, then the person will die. But in most cases it helps drug treatment, which ensures a favorable outcome.