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Psychosomatics and psychological causes of cystitis

Cystitis - psychosomatic? In medicine there is a number of paradoxes. One of them is the understanding of the psychological nature of diseases. It has been known that a sufficient number of people are suffering cystitis that occurs for psychological reasons on the basis of a long nervous feelings. Despite the fact that the cause of inflammation, damaging the bladder, is injected into the body of infection, we should not lose sight of the role of neurology. Anyway, the problems form an obstacle to emptying of the bladder is a serious problem.

Features of the complaint when inflammation of the bladder

Symptoms of cystitis caused by neurogenic factors, is almost identical to the usual course of disease provoked by infectious inflammation in the urinary bladder. The symptoms are the following:

  • the pain and nasty discomfort;
  • the urge quite sudden, appear one by one;
  • the process of urination is very difficult;
  • often to urinate at night.

Сильная эмоциональность - причина психосоматического цистита

Only the person suffering from disease, to bring the situation under control, realizing its causes. Experts in the field of psychology, dealing with such problems, it is recommended not to keep the resulting psychological reasons such as anger, fear, tears. There are many techniques that allow to get rid of negative emotions.

Naturally, this is best done under the guidance of a good psychologist, but if this is not possible, you can beat your upholstered furniture, to shout, to honestly describe their feelings on paper and then burn it or destroy it some other way. Psychosomatics cystitis is based on the influence of mental processes on the organic condition of the person.

Most important, the patient realized that the cause of the cystitis is not a pathological condition of the body as a psychosomatic disorder. Getting rid of him, you can forget about the disease. Negative emotions are always stronger than positive.

Often, in order to get rid of diseases based on psychosomatic disorders, you simply need to visit a qualified psychologist.