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How and what is required to treat cystitis during pregnancy on early and later stages?

Cystitis can be both adults and children, but very often cystitis during pregnancy in the early stages, that overshadows this stage of the life of any woman.

Except that the disease complicates the life of the expectant mother, cystitis in pregnant women can lead to problems for her baby. Pregnant women need to be more careful and closely monitor their health, so the treatment of cystitis during pregnancy should begin at the first signs of its appearance. This allows not only effectively to treat cystitis in pregnant women: the doctor will tell you how to avoid future development of this unpleasant disease. To trigger the development of cystitis during pregnancy can microorganisms or other factors.

Аллергия - одна из причин цистита

It is impossible to prevent hypothermia, as this may trigger the development of cystitis.

It is necessary to take measures that enhance immunity: to be in the fresh air, exercise, take vitamin complexes.

If you wanted to use the toilet, do not endure, it is necessary to go there approximately every 3 hours, even if bacteria get into the urethra, they are rapidly removed. For this reason, doctors recommend to go to the toilet before and after sex.

You should eat natural products, you need to give up coffee, alcohol, salty, spicy, sour and fried foods. Pregnant it is best to drink pure water, you can drink cranberry or lingonberry juice, citrus juices should be excluded from the diet.

Often, this disease occurs due to sedentary work, so if you have it available, then every 20-30 minutes to stand up and do the workout.

Summing up

If a woman during pregnancy will abide by these simple rules, it will be able to keep your health and having a healthy baby.

From the inflammatory process that develops in the bladder, very easy to get rid of: when detecting the first signs it is necessary not to self-medicate, and immediately contact your doctor.

Only a doctor, if necessary, can prescribe medication for treatment that will not hurt the mother and her unborn child.

Don't listen to the friends who propose to treat cystitis traditional methods - even herbs can harm a pregnant woman, and taking some of them can cause negative effects and even lead to miscarriage. Take care of your health and the unborn baby and do not self-medicate.