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What to do with cystitis in women?

Every woman should know what to do in case of cystitis. You should make an appointment to see the gynecologist. If the cystitis is found, then the doctor prescribes a course of treatment.

General information about the disease

Inflammation of the urinary system often develops on the background of Escherichia coli. Causes of cystitis in women:

  • sex;
  • a weakened immune system;
  • improper diet;
  • stress;
  • changing hormonal levels.

Often inflammation of the urinary system observed in pregnant women (due to stagnation of urine). The symptoms of the disease include frequent urination, burning pain in the pubic area. Rarely in the urine of women there is blood or pus. Considered the disease should be promptly treated.

Использование грелки при цистите

If cystitis is after sex, then you need to consult with your doctor about preventive measures. After sex drink antibiotic (Sulfanilamide). This measure of prevention protects the female body from infection. There are no side effects characteristic of prolonged use of antibiotics.

If the urinary tract often becomes inflamed, then it is recommended to change contraception. Often considered the disease is diagnosed in women who take birth control pills, vaginal diaphragm, candles, colored condoms. If the disease occurs in acute form, then contraindicated exercise. Slight physical exertion. It is recommended to wear loose clothing, drink plenty of fluids.

Recommendations doctors

In the treatment of cystitis special attention is given to inflammation of the vagina and the normalization of the microflora. Antibacterial therapy is carried out after consultation with the doctor (Nolicin). MONORAL is a one time antibiotic that is used before and after meals. Doctors recommend to drink it before bed (on empty stomach). Pre-empty their bladder. For the preparation funds will be required to dissolve the bag of MONORAL in the water. After ingestion, its concentration in blood is maintained at a high level for the past 2 days. This drug can be used during pregnancy.

If cystitis occurs in mild form, then the course of treatment lasts for 3 days. Severe cystitis cure 7 days. From herbs experts identify:

  1. Zistan.
  2. Cysteinyl.
  3. Was spazmolitinom (drops).

Zistan is an effective uroseptic plant-based. With its help it is possible to prepare medicines kidney tea, has antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and diuretic. With the help of this tool quickly eliminates the symptoms of cystitis.

If cystitis were diagnosed in women in the positionthen take Kanefron. This drug has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action. It includes rosemary, lovage. Treatment course lasts 2-3 weeks. To restore the vaginal flora, douching is recommended. For this purpose, Bifidumbacterin. You can't treat the disease yourself. Drugs from cystitis take the advice of a doctor.

Cystitis pay special attention to the food. Exclude from the diet foods that irritate the bladder (alcohol, caffeine). For disease prevention, you can drink cranberry juice. It includes hippuric acid that prevents the attachment of bacteria to the bladder wall. Doctors recommend to drink 4 glass of juice a day. You can prepare cheese with thawed cranberries. From the menu, eliminate the pepper, hot spices, sugar, bakery goods. Prevention of disease is hygiene, the use of contraceptives.