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What antibiotics are prescribed for the treatment of cystitis in women and men?

Cystitis - a disease that is more common in beautiful half than men. Today, treatment is mostly prescribed antibiotics in cystitis, although there are numerous other drugs of different categories. What kind of medical facility it is better to give preference to the process of treatment was most effective? Sometimes it's hard to make a choice due to the large number of drugs offered by pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Some people believe cystitis is a harmless disease that can heal on its own. In fact, the disease can have numerous negative consequences, so treatment should be taken very seriously.

What is cystitis?

Cystitis develops when inflammation of the bladder, its walls. Urological terminology under this disease involves symptomatic urinary infection that leads to inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bladder wall. The disease is accompanied by a disruption of the organ.

As was already marked above, women are more predisposed to the disease, which is associated, primarily, with the structure and features of the urogenital system. Cystitis in men can also occur, but more rarely. The symptoms are the same, regardless of the sex of the sick person.

Нитроксолин для лечения цистита

Pharmacy herbal remedy, composed of only natural ingredients:

  1. MONORAL - preformed drug used for the prevention of disease. The advantage of it is that suitable for long-term use. Part of manures includes vitamin C that helps fight existing bacteria on the walls of the inflamed organ.
  2. Zistan is a drug which has a diuretic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects. Components that are used in medicine, prepared according to Ayurvedic rules. Zistan often prescribed in complex therapy with antibiotics due to its ability to increase the activity of the latter. With prolonged use helps to relieve inflammation and to eliminate stones.
  3. Ficolin - pasty herbal remedy that consists of nine plants with the addition of essential oils. Ficolin eliminates inflammation, removes stones from the kidney, acts as a diuretic.
  4. Kanefron - tool that includes only vegetable raw materials: rosemary, centaury and the root of lovage. Is analgesic drug, and inhibits the processes of chronic cystitis in the period of exacerbations and protects from the recurrence.

In order to undergo treatment more effectivelyin addition to receiving antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drugs, it is recommended to douche decoction of chamomile and do warm compresses.

Treatment of cystitis with antibiotics provides a few simple rules that should be followed:

  • to comply with bed rest and proper rest;
  • drink infusions of chamomile flowers field, dill or marigold: plants have anti-inflammatory properties;
  • stick to a sparing diet and diet;
  • banned all alcoholic beverages and cigarettes;
  • warm the inflamed area.

Treatment of cystitis with antibiotics is appropriate if within several days or weeks after the start of therapeutic measures positive trend to recovery was observed. What take antibiotics, your doctor will recommend during the inspection.