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Indications for the imposition cystostomy in men and how to care for it

Cystostomy bladder in men with prostatitis and other diseases of the genitourinary system is the "lifeline" when it is impossible to independently urinate. This is a special medical device to drain urine directly from the bladder. What features has the device and what it represents, who appoint cystostomy and how to take care of it, will be discussed below.


What is cystostomy?

Cystostomy is a device in the form of a tube. It is administered directly into the bladder to drain urine from the body. The tube urine flows into the bag, which when filled, look like a pack of saline.

Healthy people are able to produce urine in the urethra without resorting to such devices. But there are cases when the bladder is filled and stretched, and the urge to pass urine is not. It is very dangerous and requires immediate intervention, which put the catheter.

But the peculiarity of the catheter is that the tube is inserted into the channel of the urinary tract the urethra. When the passage is blocked by a stone or there are other diseases, to carry out the withdrawal of the penis impossible. Then resort to cystostomy - installing the unit straight drainage of urine from the bladder.

Indications for the imposition cystostomy are operations that are carried out in the region of the penis.

Операция троакарной цистостомии

2 times a week should be a flushing of the bladder.

By using cystotomy in the bladder cavity impose an antiseptic solution and drained it. Repeat until, until the liquid from the organ will not be as clear as water.

The tube of the urine outflow should change depending on its expiration date. Sometimes this procedure occurs every 2 months, sometimes every month. The first time you can see the nurse, then the replacement can be done at home by yourself.

The bag also vary depending on the manufacturer. Quality bag for urine is enough for a whole week. For days and nights there are different types of catheters. All the bags are fixed for convenience at the hip.

Of them urine to drain into the bowl, not allowing the bag to come into contact with its walls. Extraordinary replacement bag can cause visual pollution, it says that it is not all right. Throw away the used bag with other trash.

When performing any manipulation of cystostomy should be aware of the rules of hygiene:

  • wash hands;
  • bandaging;
  • every day take a shower without removing the tubes;
  • wash up and rinse periodically.

The installation of this device gives you the opportunity to returnperson to normal life. In the early stages of the urologic disorders is rather high level of probability that natural processes in the body will be restored.

The risk of complications after wearing cystostomy minimum, and the possibility of infections with quality installation procedure and the rules of the care is reduced to zero.

Do not be afraid of such a device - a lot of people he helped to recover.