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The impact of asthenozoospermia in male fertility, severity and methods of treatment of pathology

Many are interested in the disease asthenozoospermia, what is it and what are the forecasts for men. This disease a person starts to be interested, just received such a diagnosis. Pathology is a special change of the ejaculate, through which the spermatozoa lose their motility. For the disease characterized by the decrease in the concentration of active sperm. To identify the problem is possible only a method of investigation of semen, so experts recommend that all couples planning children, pass the appropriate examination.

What is asthenozoospermia?

The name of this disease refers to a special condition of the sperm, which changes with sperm - decreased their number. Those that remained lost their ability to actively move, can not develop the necessary speed. Changes have been made and the viability of sperm. It is believed that the pathology is the sole cause of infertility about 40% of couples.

The disease diagnosis is carried out entirely by the laboratory method. The man needs to take a semen sample for carrying out qualitative and quantitative research. The result includes not only information on the number of sperm and vitality, but also need to set the acidity of the medium, to detect abnormalities in morphological structure of sperm. All received data is collected in one particular document - a spermogram.

Генетическая предрасположенность - причина астенозооспермии

Traditional medicine is not able to be the only possible method of correction of asthenozoospermia. It is used rather as a background or parallel. Before turning to non-traditional medicine, to exclude inflammation or infection of STDs as a cause of pathology. In this case, the grass will be powerless, and the lack of treatment of strong drugs, will exacerbate the situation.

Treatment of folk remedies, and traditional remains powerless in the face of genetic mutations that eliminate this problem they are not able. The only thing the patient can expect is the improvement of the General condition of the body to the exclusion of all other adverse factors.

Asthenozoospermia in most cases, treatable.

If a couple plans in the near future to have a baby, then it is strongly recommended to go through a preliminary survey to ascertain the viability and fertility ability of sperm.

A treatment sufficient to eliminate the cause that caused it, in most cases this is not easy. Behealthy!