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What is aspermia men, what are its causes, diagnosis and treatment?

Aspermia is a pathological condition in men, which retains the potency, erection strong and stable, but not released in the ejaculate. In modern medical practice, the lack of ejaculate are not uncommon. This is a common cause of male infertility. Almost 2% of men suffering from infertility, have symptoms of aspermia. According to the latest who data, the norm for efficient and rapid fertilization, 1 ml of sperm an adult male should be about 18 million active sperm.

Etiological factors

Possible causes of disease:

  1. Approaching old age men. Aspermia at this age is considered to be an irreversible physiological process. Significantly worsens the quality of sperm. With time, every representative of the stronger sex diminishes sexual function.
  2. Due to tumors, trauma, surgery on the spine occurs dystonia of the seminal tract. Damage to the substance of the spinal cord, tissues and brain functions leads to the fact that in the nervous system disrupted the transmission of impulses.
  3. Defects in the reproductive organs of a genetic or acquired in nature. Any sexually transmitted disease can lead to the development of aspermia. Congenital anomaly semyaizverzhenie channel.
  4. Trauma inhibits a normal ejaculation. To the development of aspermia often result in a stressful situation: loss of a loved one, problems at work and in life, unsuccessful first sexual experience, family dysfunction, self-doubt, personal and psychological problems related to love relationships, the fear of failure.
  5. Diseases transferred earlier, sexually transmitted infections, pathology of the urogenital system, surgery. Postoperative complications, various mechanical injuries of bones of the facial skeleton and skull, pelvis, genitalia, vertebral column.
  6. Risk. The most vulnerable patients with diseases of the genitourinary system, men over the age of 45 years.

Отсутствие спермотозоидов в семенной жидкости при аспермии

Will help to overcome the illness:

  1. The use of modern drugs.
  2. Effective laser, ozone, microcurrent therapy. Physiotherapy treatments help to solve the problem of infertility.
  3. Tissue therapy, hormone treatments contribute to the resorption and softening scar tissue.
  4. Psychotherapy. To cope with exciting situations help consultation with a qualified therapist.
  5. With the ineffectiveness of conservative treatment to restore reproductive function helps surgicaloperation.

Self is a temporary aspermia. Futile treatment at genetic anomalies in men. But some congenital abnormalities, if timely appeal for help to the urologist is quite treatable.

To cope successfully with the problem of aspermia of different etiology allows to:

  1. Competent collaboration of a neurologist, urologist and other specialists. You should consult with doctors if any signs of lack of ejaculation.
  2. Modern therapeutic equipment guarantees a good result.

Positive prognosis likely with careful and proper treatment if the pathology was the result of functional disorders.

Often a man can make a full recovery, regain reproductive opportunities, improve the quality of sexual life, to restore fertility.