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The monograph Chronic prostatitis urethrogenic"

When you create the monograph the authors processed a large amount of literature concerning the definition retrogradnogo chronic prostatitis, its symptoms, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. This includes a description of the author's clinical observations that were summed up over several years. Also here you can get acquainted with the results of laboratory and instrumental research methods. In addition, the authors propose a unique concept of pathogenesis.

Of great practical interest to retrovenar the prostatitis from the venereologists caused by its etiological and epidemiological characteristics that require a radically different methodology of diagnosis and treatment.

Along with the new classification of chronic prostatitis urethrogenic, they defined a criterion for laboratory and topical diagnostics.

The authors elaborated on the ways of rational combination therapy, presented a list of rehabilitation measures, are shown not only retrogenes patients with chronic prostatitis, but and suffering from severe disorders such as Reiter's disease.

The monograph represents a significant medical difficulty, designed for a wide range of doctors of various medical profile, such as urologists, andrologists, venereology.

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