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The textbook "Questions of dermatology and venereology"

This collection, published in 1958, contains a number of scientific papers. Their authors are not only employees of the Department of skin and venereal diseases, Orenburg medical Institute, but also representatives of STI clinic region.

On 138 pages collection, you can find information about the course and results of research that has accumulated over the last three years of the work of these institutions.

Scientists of the Department and the clinic took as the basis of their labors a few questions. Their attention was more concentrated on the study of the pathogenesis of diseases such as athlete's foot and eczema. They touched upon other important points: cultural and clinical features of athlete's typical for Orenburg region, the prevention of skin diseases according to professional standards, a deep dive into one of the most important issues which have been identified by Pavlov in his physiological doctrine. We are talking about skin and venereal diseases and their therapy.

In the interests of the teams had a lot of questions on dermato-venereology, which is also brilliantly covered in the articles for the proposed publication.

The collection will interest anyone involved in the medical problem. Publishing good quality can be purchased in Internet-shop "Ozone".