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The three-volume "Prostatitis: the encyclopedia of unrecognized diagnoses"

Any illness does not occur without reason, and prostatitis is no exception. Author of "Prostatitis" O. I. Eliseeva, being a doctor of the highest category, among the possible reasons for calling a number of infections. Among them ureaplasmosis, trichomoniasis, chlamydia. It is known that these and other infections are diagnosed bad, then, over time, chronic.

Such "latent infection", not being identified, leads to the fact that the doctor starts treatment of prostatitis, as a consequence. Unfortunately, such treatment is not confined to one course, demanding all new and new medicines and effort. Tired of fighting with the ever returning disease, patients stop the treatment, thinking that the disease is incurable.

However, there is a solution. It undertook to prove the author of this manual, listing all possible causes, while the symptoms of prostatitis by providing modern diagnostic and treatment methods of dealing with hidden infections, BPH, prostatitis, stones and cysts, a variety of disorders of a sexual nature, male infertility.

Readers will become familiar with treatment regimens for these diseases, many of them unique, and learn about ways to cleanse the body and restore the immune system.

The book will interest a wide circle of readers, practitioners, and students of specialized universities.

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