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Textbook "Theory and practice of dermato-venereology

The initiator of the publication of the present volume by Professor P. V. Kozhevnikov. He was the permanent head of the Department of skin and venereal diseases for over 20 years, occupying this position in 1949 and worked until 1969. Becoming another issue works Department staff, the collection contained a number of studies of various kinds, but the General direction, reflecting the influence of the nervous system to the individual stages of development of dermatosis, including the history and treatment of the disease.

The authors of the articles raise issues of regeneration occurring in the stratum corneum of the skin, both normal and pathologically altered. Also addressed the nature and frequency of vascular reactions at various stages of diseases such as psoriasis, neurodermite, eczema, perifocal changes and their pathogenesis, neurodystrophic lesions (as a result of the defeat of the sympathetic border trunk), diencephalic pathology. In this list – and change the sensitivity of the skin, which patients suffer from mycoses, and other aspects.

The collection still has not lost its relevance for professionals working in the medical field, and for students of specialized educational institutions.

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