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The monograph "Urogenital chlamydia"

The monograph is replete with contemporary data on the epidemiology, diagnosis, etiology, treatment of urogenital chlamydia. This disease is cited as the most common sexually transmitted infections. It is regrettable, but such a situation is typical even for developed countries.

The reader is waiting for a detailed presentation of the material on the urogenital chlamydial infection, starting with the history of its study and ending with the biology of chlamydia. The authors also focus on the clinical manifestations of this insidious disease. It turns out that urogenital chlamydia behaves differently in different patients – from children, women and men.

A separate space is devoted to the publication of issues of topical and etiological diagnosis, modern methods of treatment of the disease, statistical data of izlechivaemosti and control over all measures of this pathology. Do not forget the authors specify the most appropriate and available means and methods of prevention of urogenital chlamydia. Sufficient attention was paid to diagnostic and therapeutic methods in the fight against the disease Reiter. It is known that the triggering agent for this disease, as in the case of urogenital chlamydia are chlamydia.

The book is of interest to a number of specialists including: internists, rheumatologists, pediatricians, obstetrician-gynecologists, dermatologists, venereologists, radiologists, ophthalmologists. Also useful for teachers and students of medical schools.

The monograph is available in the online store "Ozone".