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Medical Atlas "Syphilis"

The book acquaints the reader with interesting historical information relating to the study of syphilis, and modern classifications of this sexually transmitted infection. For reference and deeper study of this problem the authors proposed a detailed description of the classical forms of the disease and the most common atypical forms of syphilis.

Information about nosological unit 227 illustrated with photographs taken from the collection of O. Terletskiy. This also included information about the differential diagnosis, etiology, clinical picture. The app has modern instructions for the treatment of syphilis approved by the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation.

Pathomorphosis of infection led to changes in the clinical picture and course of the disease. The increase in the number of atypical forms affect the state of diagnosis and contributes to the late detection and delayed treatment.

To facilitate differential diagnosis of syphilis, the authors of the Atlas to draw the attention of specialists as frequent, and quite rare chronic dermatosis, clinical manifestations are similar to that described illness. The insidiousness of syphilis consists in the reproduction of many diseases, so the study of the diversity of its clinical manifestations is very important for representatives of many medical profile: gynecologists, mycologists, ophthalmologists, dermatologists, venereologists, urologists, dentists, internists, pediatricians, as well as students of specialized medical institutions.

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