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The book "Congenital syphilis and its prevention

The occurrence of congenital syphilis contributes to the penetration into the fetus Treponema pallidum. The source of infection – syphilis mother. Method of transmission of the disease is the placenta. Moreover, it does not matter what phase was the infection of the mother before conception or later.

The way the pale treponemes to the fetus is the umbilical, or Vienna, or through the lymphatic cracks umbilical vessels. The development of pathological changes in tissues and organs occurs at V-VI months of pregnancy, cases of women. In the case of active drugs antisyphyllitic treatment in the early stages of pregnancy, you can expect to birth to completely healthy offspring.

With regard to secondary syphilis, it is complicated for phenomena spirochetemia, which increases the risk of an infected child from pregnant with a diagnosis of secondary syphilis. A child infected with syphilis during the first years after ill mother. Then the probability decreases.

It is noteworthy that there is no evidence of infection of the fetus through the father's sperm. According to the authors of the book, much hope is vested in the conduct of preventive and social measures aimed at prevention of syphilis in General. It will require the efforts of active case finding and timely treatment of patients. Will also be necessary strict account and control the therapy provided to the patients and contacts.

A good reputation is mandatory testing of pregnant three times in a serological survey.

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