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The book "Hidden infections"

The insidiousness of this kind of infection is already in the title – "hidden". This means that, hidden, they thrive in the body, not only for months but years, waiting for the auspicious time for manifestation in the form of some dangerous disease.

The way they enter the human body are different. In this book we will focus on the latent infections, sexually transmitted diseases.

The reader will get detailed information about the most dangerous hidden enemy of man. Also, a wide list of urgent practical measures which should be resorted to immediately, as soon as such diagnosis is made.

The author teaches not only how to fight and win, but also how to prevent infection. Anyone who has not been involved in this process, it is important to remember that in the modern world hidden infections are widespread, and therefore very difficult to avoid their impact.

It is important to monitor themselves and at the slightest suspicion to start getting rid of uninvited "guests". The book gives a few of the most effective tips to strengthen the immune system, which will become a reliable protection from herpes, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, human papilloma virus, chlamydia and other troubles.

The book is available for purchase in the online store "Ozone".