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The book "the Most important thing about cystitis"

To the question: "What is most important in cystitis?", probably the first in the list of answers will be "symptoms and diagnosis". Then follow "the methodology of treatment", "prevention", "possible diet" and finally, "physio - and phytotherapy". The consideration of these issues and proposes to do the author of this publication.

Cystitis call in to a number of dangerous diseases, because it is widely distributed and is rarely cured completely, and therefore 10% of the affected women reported a recurrence as the disease passes into the category of chronic illnesses. But the figure for men is quite modest - only 0.5%.

One of the main reasons I consider anatomical features of the body to facilitate easy penetration of the infection into the bladder. Among other conditions – fungi (genus Candida), and Ureaplasma, chlamydia and Escherichia coli. This includes such diseases and condition of the body, such as constipation, decreased immunity, diabetes mellitus.

If symptoms appear, refrain from thoughts of self-treatment and refer to specialist. Available a number of diagnostic procedures will allow in the shortest terms to understand with the diagnosis.

For the sake of health is to work, and if ill, efforts would need much more.

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