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The Book "Prostate"

In recent years doctors from many countries have noted an increase in the spread of prostatitis. Unfortunately, this directly applies to the Russian Federation. In the list of reasons that patients go to urologists, the disease is "honorable" third place.

This situation is due to the impossibility of a clear and unambiguous definition of the pathogenesis and etiology of prostatitis. Many doctors even give this disease the elements of mystery, so it is unpredictable. The similar characteristic of prostatitis affects the formation of strategy for its treatment.

The authors of this book – A. Neimark and E. Kulchavenya – made kind of attempt to systematize the available scientific data concerning the etiology, epidemiology and pathogenesis of chronic prostatitis. The reader acquainted with the algorithm of examination of a patient suffering from chronic inflammation of the prostate gland with the subsequent treatment. It is, in particular, on the cases of the presence of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

This guide will be useful to General practitioners and phtisiology, pathomorphology, urologists. As an additional source of knowledge is recommended for students of higher medical educational institutions.

The book is available in the online store "Ozone".