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The book "Treatment of prostatitis and other prostate diseases"

Prostatitis has long been called almost the most common disease on the planet. Moreover, he is inclined to resist the diagnosis, and therefore has the potential to develop into a chronic form. And yet, having enough reliable information about the disease, you can expect to win over these treacherous "enemy."

Along with a detailed description of the disease the book also presents many practical and affordable tips for treatment and prevention. Moreover, in addition to purely medical methods offers recipes of alternative medicine.

The recent list contains products, at first glance, not related to this problem. However, experience suggests that they are quite effective. It is different kinds of oils, such as stone, caraway and pumpkin. Here you can meet and honey, and aspen bark, and hydrogen peroxide, and soda, and propolis. Do not forget the authors of the book mention herbs: Daisy, Ivan-tea, mint, sage, yarrow and other medicinal plants. There asset with non-traditional healers and enemas with different compositions. Will help bath and tubs, as well as gymnastics and dirt.

The book will serve as an excellent guide for those already familiar with the prostate, and will be a great help in the activities of practitioners.

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