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The book "Experimental syphilis"

Many theoretical and practical questions arising from syphilitic infection, can be resolved only through experimental syphilis model, we are working on animals.

No experiments involving rabbits previously infected with this serious sexually transmitted sexual infection, science can not do, because low incidence in the USSR were not given the opportunity to develop such areas as the study of pathogenesis or pathogenetic therapy, as well as issues relating to other departments of medical science.

The book was published at a time when the domestic literature could not boast of a sufficient number of works which would have contained information obtained from the treatment of a variety of sources, where it was collected a description of the different methods and presents the results of the activities aimed at the study of experimental syphilis for the entire period of its implementation.

While summarizing and synthesis of the available material was given great importance. It was important to improve the level of knowledge of any health professional, be it a researcher or practitioner. Thus, the authors cared about saving time and effort of experts, which had "sweat" below to find suitable literature on experimental syphilis.

The present work helped in clarifying some, at that time, the neglected issues in civilizacii was interesting to research workers, pushing them to conduct self-experiments in this field.

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