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The book "Cystitis: a modern view on treatment and prevention"

Despite a sufficient degree of stability of the bladder mucosa to various infections, it is often subjected to inflammation. One of them is called cystitis. This urologic disease experienced at least once in the life of every woman. It is clear that great attention is paid to the search for the answer on the exciting question of whether it is possible to avoid the disease, and, if possible, what steps should be taken.

The book will recommend to the reader a series of effective measures aimed at the prevention of cystitis. If the disease has taken hold of you, an expert will share some tips that will finally be cured, to prevent recurrence.

O. V. Vasilyev in his book suggests for the consideration of other questions on the topic. For example, the reader expects a detailed description of all the possible causes of this disease. Will also be presented with a list of complications and describes modern methods of treatment developed by physicians, and medicines prepared by experienced physicians representing the areas of alternative medicine.

The author explains statistics, according to which men rarely have to deal with cystitis can not be said about women. You will receive clear instructions about the proper collection of urine for analysis and learn about the required number of daily visits to the toilet as a preventive measure.

The book will interest a wide readership. The book can be purchased in the online store "Ozone".