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The book "Cystitis: diagnosis, treatment, prevention"

With the "charms" of such a widespread disease as cystitis is familiar to many of the fairer half of humanity, because they often receive "a gift" to such a diagnosis. The disease is accompanied by frequent urination, and an unpleasant burning sensation experienced when urinating almost every patient.

Once established, cystitis rarely go unnoticed. If at it the first time not to pay any attention, the patient faces frequent exacerbation of the disease with a subsequent transition into a chronic form. The effects of untreated cystitis also cause a lot of trouble. After the tissue of the bladder, exposed to bad changes, can be a source of emergence and development of other diseases, getting rid of which entails great difficulties, in other words, they are treated with great difficulty.

The author will reveal all the secrets of cystitis, I will dwell on the moment of the timely recognition of the disease, in a popular form will present ways and methods for the treatment and cure of this scourge of the modern woman.

The edition is addressed to all who are interested in this topic. The book can be purchased in Internet-shop "Ozone".